Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy…but less with drawing

Work has been real busy these days so producing completed works is a bit out of my field of vision, and January is shaping up to be even more loaded. Though I’m not working on any large projects at the moment, I have been experimenting with various inking techniques. I’ve been trying to break away from the ink pens and moving towards a brush. After the usual rough start things have been going well. I’m discovering new things about working with the brush almost every day. I just don’t get the line quality from a pen that I would like and my brush work in the past has been less than mentionable. The progress I’m making on that front is, indeed, inspiring to say the least.

I’ve been toying around with a number of ideas but am just waiting for the opportunity and inspiration be begin. Of course, there’s Bliss #3. I’m also toying around with a Plant Guy animation piece as well as a comic strip idea. I’ll have time to take a closer look at these in the next couple of weeks.

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