Monday, November 10, 2008

The Astounding, Amazing and Uncanny 1st Annual Tucson ComiCon

Blown A-Way!

That is the best way to describe not only my experience but the experience of all that attended and participated in the 1st of many to come comic conventions to be held here in Tucson. Mike Olivares deserves some major kudos to putting together an incredibly successful and enjoyable event for the creators and fans of Tucson. With a steady flood of convention-goers pouring in to the hall for the entire day, I think everyone walked away eagerly looking forward to next years con.

All the local comic shops were there, tons of other vendors too, along with just about every comic creator Tucson has to offer including many familar faces that have passed through the Sequentially Tucson sketch group doors; Mike Moran, John Chihak creator of Youth In Asia, Dave Baker and Eric Esquivel of the new Modern Mythology Press, Don Ensign and James Babcock too. The elusive Clay Lewis was on hand to man the IndieOnly booth too!

Lots of fans were looking for the new release of Bliss#2 and Sequentially Tucson # 3 and I had plenty on hand throughout the day. I finally did get a chance to step out of the IndieOnly booth for a short while and partake in the activities where I ran into a lot of the Sketchgroup artists as well as Red Meat creator Max Cannon.

A splendid time was had by all and a big thanks to Mike Olivares for putting this thing together. I think we’re all looking forward to next year already, I know I am!

View more pictures of the ComicCon here!

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