Friday, February 14, 2020

Back at the Drawing Board!

Ah yes, here we are once again, putting pen and pencil to paper. This time we're setting out for the adventure that is the Tucson Zine Fest coming up in May.
The original card illustrations
My wife Christy and I are working on putting together pieces for our pop music history book project. I had started this a while back as illustrated cards but figured out that cards weren't going to get us to a final printed booklet.  The cards were put away and we have since moved on to larger portraits.

Below, work in progress of Al Jolson, our representative from 1919!
The start of the Al Jolson illustration
Though the Tucson Zine Fest is not a sure thing yet (we'll get notified at the beginning of March if we've been accepted), we'll still be producing our booklet regardless.

Also joining us at the (hopefully) Tucson Zine Fest will be our buddy Brett Hanse.  Not sure what he's contributing yet but I'm sure it'll be fun.

The 'mostly' completed Morton Harvey illo.

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