Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sequentially Tucson #2

The Sketch Group anthology continues!

The second issue from the Tucson based comic sketch group, Sequentially Tucson featuring the stylings of Tucson artists!

  • Ken Wright and David DePuydt's "Die, Nerd, Die!
  • Dave Baker and Eric M. Esquivel present "Awesomenaught
  • Mike Moran begins his "Tenshin Tales" with "Raynes Bounty"
  • Paul Fini introduces his "Work History" strip
  • Tim Amundsen returns with "Deadly Rendevuex"
  • John Chihak brings us his "Youth in Asia" strip
  • (courtsey of Anti-Hero Brand Press)
  • Finally, "The Adventures of Wong Shu" by Tim Amundsen and Kevin M. Conley

All this in 28 Black & White pages

The Sequentially Tucson comics sketch group is a gathering of comic artists of all skill levels to draw and chat about comics.

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