Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marvel Stamps

Something that I'm toying around with.
 I just love these Marvel movies.  Having grown up with these characters on the comic pages I'm more than thrilled that they've been making these movies.  I don't read the hero comics much these days but these movies have filled that gap.  I look forward to each installment as I did a new monthly comic back in the day.  Back in the 70's Marvel use to put these 'collector' stamps in the back pages of their books.  I guess they were meant for you to cut them out.  I never did.  Now-a-days telling someone to clip something out of their comic book would be blasphemous!  But back then, for .25¢ or .30¢ you'd get the good ol' newsprint comic that, yes, you would occasionally mark up and cut them up.

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