Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tales of High Adventure #2 Now Available

Tales of High Adventure returns with all new original yarns!

A quarterly book of prose stories and illustrated tales as published in the pulp magazines of the 1930's and 1940's such as Weird Tales, Astounding Stories, Spicy Mystery Stories, Amazing Stories and Startling Stories!

Perfect for a casual summer read!

This issue features all new original stories:

Rooftops by Mark D. Howard
The Creeping Invaders by C. L. Bishop
Homeworld by Paul J. Fini
When Jazz Was Hot And Cars Were Cool And Deadly by Kris Neri
Imagination by Michael Blackbourne
Stopping A Bullet by Jeff Pawlak

Pulp thrills live on in Tales of High Adventure!

Print version available though ComiXpress for only $4
(flip through a pulp digest like they were meant to be)

Digital eBooks only $.99 available through:

And Barnes & Noble for the Nook

If you like this issue check out the original Tales of High Adventure! still on sale

Tales of High Adventure for NOOK

Tales of High Adventure for Kindle

Tales of High Adventure in Print at ComiXpress

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