Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Pulp?

I am sure some might wonder.

Why not?

I think that the pulps were the forerunner to the Golden Age comics.

In the Golden Age you had comics of all Genre's and even into the Silver Age.

Then there was the big scandal. That really did almost kill the funnybook but anyway...

The point is the pulps were a cheap and fun storytelling device.

Some were just plain trashy for entertainment and that is not any different than television reality shows now. Others were the forerunner's to the super hero or anti-hero genre's!

It was also the time of a much smaller world. Technology was just starting to grow. That makes for some adventures that now would be trivial with cell phones and internet.

Most were written with a fast pace so you could read them quickly and then dispose of it and go on to the next one.

There were some excellent writers that come from the pulp's,my favorite two would be H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard.

Not really famous then or well appreciated but later on when the paperback book got popular in the 60's the two of them would later be celebrated for many many years to come in reprints.

Famous creators in their own right they now are legends of fiction and well appreciated in some circles of literature.

I became fascinated with this era of emerging technology. Its fun to see how much more fun you can have with a story when your characters have much less to rely on than their wits and their heart to carry them.

That brings us to IndieOnly Comics.

Paul and I both love this era and when I told him of my ideas we both agreed that working on an anthology together would be a blast.

"Adventure in the skies, fist fights in Guatemala with Nazi's, occult worships and creatures of the ancient world...that is only the begining of the tales of the Midnight Eagle "

Midnight Eagle is my tribute to 1930's aviation and pre World War II action!!

Part of the IndieOnly Pulp Anthology! Still, we need a name. Do you have an idea?

Look for the premiere of the book at the 2010 Tucson Comic Con!

We have a couple of other collaborators as well!

Look for some art coming soon!

-Mike Moran

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