Thursday, April 8, 2010

MilkMan X Is Correct!

If you read over at MilkMan X's blog Rebirth of Classic Comic Art about some rumor of a Pulp Anthology Comic Book to be put out by IndieOnly Comics and you thought that maybe MilkMan X had too much coffee and was just going on about some crazy nonsense 'cause Indie Only Comics has been pretty invisible these days, well put that thought to rest my friend, every word of what he says is true.

We'll be working on a new Pulp Comic with a planned release this fall. Currently coming along for the ride is Clay Lewis creator of Moon Mission Filfy and Tim Amundsen who has previously worked on the Sequentially Tucson books.

We'll all be updating this site with information about this upcoming book and much more too.


  1. Yes! I am so excited to work on this!

  2. Mr. ClayClay is happy to be aboard Sir! This should be a great adventure and it'll be a nice gem to show off at Tucson Comic Con!

    Hooray for us!